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Loyalty Rewards Points Program

The rewards program is designed to give back to loyal customers.  We strive to keep our customers happy and we are pleased to give them something back for staying with us and something extra for referring freinds and family to our store.

To use rewards, one must be logged in at time of purchase.  Your online account dashboard has tools to help you spread the word about The Cabin Shop to your family and freinds via social networks like Facebook.  This will help maximize your ability to gain rewards as well as let all your freinds know about us with little effort and time.


   Rewards Points Rates


  1. Registering & Newsletter Subscription  rate=10 pts
  2. Refer a Friend via Social Network (use link in my account)  rate=2*pnt (30/mo limit)
  3. Poll voting  rate=1 pnt
  4. Submitting a product review  rate=10* pts
  5.  Referral Purchases (via social network link - in my account)

 rate=20 pts (1st time)

3pts/10$ (ea. repeat)

  6. Product Purchases($20 rounding)  rate=5pts*/20$ spent

* Additional Bonus Points may be awarded. Please see our current promotions






Loyalty Rewards - is a promotion and is subject to change without notice.  Point values may change,  Points accrued before change will be subject to rules and rates at time of accrual.  Current maximum redemption is not greater than 50% of order total.  Redemption %:sales total is subject to change without notice. 

Reward points are promotional and cannot be combined with other promotions except where specifically stated.  Some purchases are not eligible for rewards- most will be noted on product pages.  Bonus reward points will be applicable where noted in promotion or on specific products as noted.  All purchases and rewards are subject to The Cabin Shop review and approval at The Cabin Shop's discretion..  

Reward Point Holds:

All returns and order cancelations will reverse all accrued points.  Some or all points may not be available to use if points accrued before the lapse of return period on a rewarded purchase.  If advance points were used beyond awarded purchases due to any reason, mainly returns, the balance of point redemption unreversable due to advance use is subject to be billed to the purchasers credit card for the applicable order.

Please contact < > with any questions regarding your rewards. 


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