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Elk Decor is not as common as decor of other members of the Cervidae(deer) Family. But, with its thick, shaggy mane, impressive antlers and white rump (wapiti in shawnee,) the stout bull Elk has the anatomy of a classic wildlife Icon. Elk being found primarily in mountains of western North America, make Elk Decor an ideal decorator's theme for large log homes of the Mountain West.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic Lighting

Our Lighting category offers a large selection of rustic finishes and styles making it easy to complete the interior design of your home or cabin. In this category you will find chandeliers, sconces, vanity lights, lamps, and billiard lights in wildlife and nature designs as well as a full selection of antler lighting which can be made in sizes to fit the larges of homes and the tallest of ceilings. At The Cabin Shop we wanted to provide a place where you can find the perfect light fixture for every room in your home.

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